Monty's Aged Ryed Ale

What makes Monty’s Ryed Aged Ale so special?

Who can forget Skeleton Champion Jon “Monty” Montgomery’s historic golden ride in Whistler where he captured our hearts and celebrated victory in true Canadian fashion by spontaneously chugging a pitcher of beer?  If you don’t remember the best celebration of all time, click here.

Monty’s Ryed Aged Ale is a tribute to Jon’s victory – and the success of all Canadians who celebrate their own victories – both large and small – every day.  Winning is what makes Canada so great – and we Canadians certainly know how to conquer adversity and punch well above our weight!

The idea for Monty’s all started with a Tweet in 2015 when Tomorrow Brew Co. co-founder Ian Macdonald reached out to Jon to collaborate on a new beer. True to his approachable, easy going attitude, minutes after the tweet, Jon responded. Within a few days,  Jon & the Tomorrow team met up and realized we all shared a deep passion for celebrating all that makes  Canada great.  Monty’s salutes Jon’s Western Canadian roots and is inspired by the flavours of a Prairie tradition: 100% Canadian Rye Whisky.

We launched Monty’s in a bomber bottle in 2015-16 across Ontario and then Manitoba (Jon hails from Russell, Manitoba), all the while gaining comments from customers about how we might make it even better.

In 2017,  we amped up the flavour and ABV to 6.2% for an even more bigger bang.  The result is a layered whisky flavour emanating from a brew aged in oak wood.

We’ve also moved away from the original bomber bottle and now package Monty’s in a sleek 473ml tallboy can – look for the black can with gold lettering.

The new recipe is packed with more whisky and oak wood flavour. More pronounced notes of honey, vanilla and caramel flavours are present along with some deeper malt sweetness and rye whisky spice. To signal a new beginning, we’ve tweaked the name to Monty’s Aged Ryed Ale.

Special moments call for top shelf special flavours to celebrate.  We wish you many victories and hope you make Monty’s your special companion.