Craft Beer that Celebrates Canada

Oh hi there! Thanks for checking us out. We hope you enjoy our beer and if you’re just learning about us now for the first time, welcome!


We were founded in 2014 by mother and son team, Pat and Ian Macdonald, who had a vision to celebrate what’s great about Canada through craft beer.  As a family-run business, we are proud to be Canadian and call Canada home. While Canada isn't perfect, there are few if any other places we would rather live and we work each day to make Tomorrow even better.  We have so many unique flavours and stories unique to Canada and wanted to bring them to life through distinctive and delicious craft brews.  We work with local Canadian companies whenever possible like Muskoka Springs. We use their ginger ale which goes all the way back to 1873 in our Gold Medal Winning Shandy. Delicious! We hope our beers help you celebrate both little and big moments. Looking for one of our beers? Give us a ring and we'd be happy to help you!


The Tomorrow Brew Co. Team